Engaging Millennials Part 4: Engage in a Two Way Conversation

One of the defining characteristics of many Millennials is that they want to feel included in the brand journey. According to research by Millennial Marketing, 40% want to participate in co-creation of products and brands and 70% feel a responsibility to share feedback with a company after a good or bad experience.

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Engaging Millennials Part 3: Broaden Your Target

It’s a blessing and a curse: online advertising allows brands to reach a very precise audience. Here at ViralGains, we’ve seen targeting parameters as specific as: “people age 25-34 who live in urban areas and own large dogs suffering from heartworm.” It’s a blessing because marketers can minimize waste by only reaching people they have determined to be their precise target customers. However, these same specific parameters can sometimes have the adverse effect of restricting advertisers from reaching more people and discovering new audiences that may be perfect for their brand.

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Engaging Millennials Part 2: Making Video Sharing Easy

In part 1 of our series I wrote about the importance of using choice-based ad formats to start off on the right foot with millennials.

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Engaging Millennials Part 1: The Power of Choice

There have been several research studies about how millennials are adverse to interruptive digital ads like pre-roll video and are increasingly installing ad blockers.¹

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