Viral Videos Form an Emotional Connection Between Brand and Consumer

Our team has been speaking about this concept internally a great deal recently. Does the title of this editorial sound like a love story? The thesis of this editorial happens to be a love story between brand and consumer.

I propose that Viral Videos have a greater emotional imprint on your consumer than a traditional video advertisement. A Viral Video shows your brand has a heart and can connect on the human level. I have noticed this trend increasing in 2012 and would like to highlight a few examples.

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Samsung Leverages the Viral Video Culture

I went to check Visible Measures’ Viral Video power rankings today and noticed there is a new kingpin to kick off June. It is none other than Korean electronics brand Samsung. The brand has truly been embracing Viral Videos as a go-to form of marketing for product launches and doing a very good job at it.

In their latest promotion for their Smart TV, the brand combines classic marketing tactics with new school surprises. Samsung hit on all cylinders by appealing to the consumers who enjoy branded content.

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The Social TV Ecosystem Presents a Wealth of Opportunity [Infographic]

In 2012, the line between television and social media is blurring away. We are seeing everything from QR codes to hash tags to Shazam symbols when watching TV commercials. The merging of Television and Social Media presents a wealth of opportunity for marketers and consumers alike. Our opinion is that the line will blur to the point where the two sides will harmoniously hold hands and ride off into the sunset.

Our friends at Trendrr put together this infographic to show their take on the emerging Social TV Ecosystem. Trendrr is a Social TV Analytics company that uses social data to report ROI to their customers. Their infographic shows the rapid growth of the Social TV industry from 2011 to 2012.

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How Viral Videos Differ from Video Advertisements

Since we are in the business of Viral Video marketing we are often asked how is that different than video advertisements. Even the most keen investors in Boston have posed the question to us. The questions are expected because our industry is still in her infancy. The videos we promote are known as Viral Videos. This editorial aims to establish a differentiation from our industry’s sister: video advertisements.

Online video rose to mainstream popularity in the last decade and immediately marketers created a demand. The initial supply consisted of in-banner ads, pre-rolls, post-rolls and other forms of video advertisements. Video advertisements proved themselves to be an effective method of marketing and branding. Over the years, a new form of online video marketing was bubbling under the radar. Enter the Viral Video.

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