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ViralGains and the AdTech Landscape

Last week, ViralGains had the honor of being featured in Boston’s first-ever LUMAscape. There are over 60 companies actively involved in defining and advancing the adtech ecosystem. ViralGains is honored to be the sole video distribution player named within the extensive video category.

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ViralGains Clients Marry Content and Distribution to Win Three Digital Oscars

Annual MITX Awards Show Celebrates the Intersecting Greatness of New England’s Tech, Creative, and Marketing Communities

BOSTON, May 15, 2015  — Three visionary online video advertising campaigns top “the Oscars for all things digital” for their innovative integration of content and engagement-driven distribution.

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“Fun Working” Isn’t a Paradox [Video]

Some companies believe that “fun” and “working” don’t belong in the same sentence. ViralGains isn’t one of those companies. Our philosophy is that our profession is our passion, so we walk into the office everyday with the mindset to “have fun working hard.”

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What Drives People to Share Online Video? [Video]

The Internet and the concept of multitasking has empowered all of us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. As consumers and learners and explorers, we cherish this ability to have the entire world at our fingertips. As advertisers and marketers and brands, we loathe this desire to be more efficient because it’s made our audiences less attentive. The digital world that we treasure in our personal lives has burdened us professionally—finding content has become the modern version of a treasure hunt.

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Getting in the Holiday Spirit [Video]

Here at ViralGains, we’re constantly thinking of ways to build team spirit while having a little bit of fun in the process. Thanks to our “1st Annual VG Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest,” the work day gave way to a festive evening with a company-wide potluck, a secret gift exchange, and a few unforgettable karaoke performances.

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