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Join ViralGains for in NYC and LA!


Can you tell what a brand’s message is based on just two seconds of its video ad? Probably not, but it turns out that two-second views (of half the ad on screen) are the industry standard for viewability.

The industry needs better ways to measure video engagement, solutions to mitigate ongoing issues like ad fraud, and ways to achieve real business value and authentic connections with consumers through video at every stage of the customer journey. Continue reading “Join ViralGains for in NYC and LA!” »

3 Tips for Successful Back-to-School Video Ads


According to eMarketer, back-to-school spending is on a steady climb — up to $828.81 billion in the U.S. last year. More than ever, consumers are turning to digital video to research products before hitting the stores.

It’s a major opportunity for video advertisers. But even still, many campaigns miss the mark due to bad targeting, unpredictable viewability, and vanity metrics that mask poor performance.

Read on to see how you can avoid common mistakes and take advantage of this important retail season. Continue reading “3 Tips for Successful Back-to-School Video Ads” »

Why Brands Should Think Like Technology Startups

Not long ago, Marc Andreesen—the co-creator of the first commercial web browser and now a prominent investor—proclaimed “software is eating the world.” What he meant, in all his foresightful wisdom, was that there was no industry invulnerable to being disrupted by software companies and the digitization of everything under the sun.

His phrase caught on instantly inside the major tech corridors—Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, others—for it was in those places that the digitization credo was first advanced. But, there’s a second, and perhaps more powerful credo which came out of tech and has also been eating the world: an approach to product development where failing is desirable… in the early stages of development, in particular. Continue reading “Why Brands Should Think Like Technology Startups” »

Protecting Brands & Agencies With a Zero-Tolerance Approach to Fraud

It is estimated that the advertising industry will suffer from $7 billion in ad fraud in 2017. This week’s news of “Methbot”— reported to be one of the most serious and widespread ad fraud operations in history—further dramatized the problem. It served as a beacon for brand advertisers and companies in the marketing and advertising industry to continue focusing their attention on this serious matter. Continue reading “Protecting Brands & Agencies With a Zero-Tolerance Approach to Fraud” »

Case Study: VistaPrint Leverages Long-Form Video to Elevate Brand Perception

Brands have been successful in creating emotional videos that have helped them stay top-of-mind by focusing less on their product and more on their mission. According to research from Harvard Business Review, consumers who are “fully connected” emotionally to a brand are 52% more valuable than those who are just “highly satisfied.” ¹ As you can imagine, many brands are taking advantage of emotional connection to make customers feel recognized and important. Continue reading “Case Study: VistaPrint Leverages Long-Form Video to Elevate Brand Perception” »

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