Ask the Experts: What Have You Learned From Two-Way Conversations With Customers?


We interviewed our panelists on all things digital advertising and we’re sharing it with you here on the blog. Click through to our previous post here.

Digital advertising provides better performance metrics and real-time campaign feedback from consumers. This has allowed marketers to be more nimble with how they approach video than ever before.

One way advertisers collect customer feedback is by using video to start a two-way conversation with viewers by placing surveys at the end of their content. Continue reading “Ask the Experts: What Have You Learned From Two-Way Conversations With Customers?” »

Ask the Experts: What is Video Storytelling Best Used For?


From Boston to Atlanta, we traveled across the country this year to meet with some of the industry’s best and brightest video advertisers for — our national roadshow.

We had a blast learning from our expert panelists and meeting so many talented ad professionals. Before each event, we got a chance to meet with our panelists and pick their brains. We knew they’d share a ton of smart stuff, so we filmed the interviews so you can learn right along with us.

Stay tuned over the next month as we share the interviews here on the blog and on our YouTube channel. Continue reading “Ask the Experts: What is Video Storytelling Best Used For?” »

3 Digital Video Strategies to Consider This Holiday Season


The holiday season is the most important retail period of the year, representing as much as 30% of annual sales for retailers. Holiday sales have been on the rise in recent years, as sales holiday sales grew 4% last year. Online and mobile sales were huge factors in this upward trend, and advertisers reacted to consumer preferences by increasing investment in digital advertising. In fact, 2016 was the first year digital ad spend outpaced TV advertising. Much of this growth was driven by digital video.

To help you prepare for this holiday season, in this post we’ll walk through ways brands can get more out of their holiday video advertising campaigns and develop real connections with their consumers. Continue reading “3 Digital Video Strategies to Consider This Holiday Season” »

How to Engage Consumers With Mobile Video


Pop quiz: What is the first thing most people do when they wake up?

Grab a glass of water? Brush their teeth? Nope — they check their phones.

It’s no secret that mobile device usage is one of the most popular and fastest-growing tech activities out there. Now, as recent data shows that more than half of online video is viewed on smartphones, video is taking mobile engagement to a new level.

Below, we’ll explore what the surge in mobile video popularity means for marketers and how they can take advantage of this trend with more impactful mobile video advertising campaigns. Continue reading “How to Engage Consumers With Mobile Video” »

ViralGains is Now TAG Verified


In the U.S. alone, ad fraud costs the digital advertising industry $31 billion each year. Given the scale of the threat and potential consequences for brands, ViralGains proactively manages the issue by maintaining a quality supply chain and seeking out partnerships with organizations who work to solve problems around privacy, malware, piracy, and transparency.  

Today, we are pleased to announce another key partnership. We’ve been validated by Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising initiative that fights fraudulent activity in the digital advertising supply chain. Harini Kodey will be our Chief Compliance Officer and oversee our quarterly reviews to ensure we continue to stay up to date with TAG standards.  Continue reading “ViralGains is Now TAG Verified” »