Watch in Awe As Dyson Vacuum Destroys Blazing Fire

The Dyson vacuum has been sucking up messes since 1993, and now thanks to the YouTube channel of “Photonicinduction” we are shown that this beast of a vacuum is capable of tackling the most dangerous mess of all—fire.

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More Artists Asking Listeners to Fuel Content for Music Videos Through Social Media

We live in an era where technology allows us to connect with all walks of life at any given moment. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram open the doors to the lives of people we don’t even know, using labels like “hashtags” to group topics, phrases and trends to connect people all over the world. The #hashtag might be the world’s most awesome bridge ever created to cross over between the thoughts of strangers and friends and it’s giving us all the opportunity to connect based on commonalities.

Last week Demi Lovato challenged her fans to Tweet words from her latest hit “Heart Attack” along with “#UnlockHeartAttack”. The hashtag quickly became a trending topic worldwide and remained so until she unleashed the lyric video Friday afternoon.

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Jägermeister Taps User-Generated Online Video in Marketing Campaign

The #1 imported liquor in the United States Jägermeister has created a social responsibility campaign and consumer competition–“A Brother in Your Corner” with world-renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach. Challenging fans to share the “Jager Code” of having “A Brother in Your Corner” while drinking, Freddie Roach shares his story about being there for his fighters both in and out of the ring. Despite how hard it may be, knowing when to call a fight or walk away from a round is just as tough as knowing when you’ve had enough to drink and that’s the kind of brotherhood Jägermeister is promoting through this new competition.

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YouTube and Billboard Unite to Include Views on the Chart

The days of MTV actually emulating Music Television are long gone, but it doesn’t mean we’re not watching music videos. In fact, over 800 million unique users visit websites like YouTube each month. Artists can achieve more exposure than ever, without the help of Carson Daily’s cheesy comments and tweens screaming over the chorus. So its no surprise that Billboard and YouTube have decided to join forces to include viral videos as a factor in some of the charts. The internet has provided us with the ability to share everything with each other at any given moment, making it possible for all sorts of deserving talent to be recognized, not just through record sales or top 40 radio play. This allows the artist to impress us in more ways than one, giving any potential listener another aspect to admire, share, disapprove and even comment on.

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Changing the Landscape of the $1.5 Billion Food Marketing Industry

I’m not sure which current epidemic is more concerning: muted kids attaching themselves to iPads, iTouches and other portable technologies as opposed to the dolls and teddy bears that were once named, branded and forever joined at the hip; or the fact that 1 out of 3 of these kids are obese (a BMI of 30 or higher). It’s no coincidence that our addiction to technology trickles down the branch just as eating habits do, so how can we use these new technologies to reach them in a positive way that cannot be ignored or duped as lame?

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